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Membership Information

About membership:

Members enjoy the several areas of outdoor sportsmanship that we have to offer at Monadnock Rod & Gun Club, as well as all the ranges and our annually stocked trout pond. All in all, it is an incredibly relaxing place to just sit by the pond, walk the 30+ target 3D archery trails throughout the woods, picnic and barbecue under the pavilion or use our 50 and 200 yard pistol/small bore rifle and high-power rifle ranges. The membership application process is simple. Membership applications can be acquired from the mailbox attached to the bulletin board at the gate, via email request, by telephone then US Mail or by clicking the link "Membership Application" in the left-hand column of any page on the Club's website (mrgci.com).

How do I apply for Membership at Monadnock Rod and Gun Club?

We currently have only one type of Membership. It's called a "Household Membership". It covers 2 adults (that means 2 individuals at least 18 years old ...could be husband/wife, parent/adult child, etc.), and as many "youths" that live under the same roof. A "youth" is anyone aged 17 years and under.

The cost for a "Household Membership" is $100 annually, and the Membership term is not pro-rated, It runs from January 1st till December 31st To remain as a "Member in Good Standing" ...meaning a Member that is working toward an "Equity Membership" (after 5 contiguous/consecutive years of being a "Member in Good Standing", you become an "Equity" Member). If you maintain your Membership, you retain the same Membership number annually. If you quit the Club, or do not renew by the second Monday of the following February, you lose equity, and the accrued time count begins anew.

To reiterate: If you do not renew your Membership by the second Monday of February (extended through March 12th 2018 this year) the following year, you are no longer a "Member in Good Standing", you lose your "Equity Member" status if applicable and you must re-apply by filling out an application, and naming a sponsor. All that is required to remain as a Member in Good Standing, is to renew your Membership by the second Monday of February (extended through March 12th 2018 this year) every year, and in the interim, not do something to harm the Club, have a significant conviction from Fish & Game, or be convicted of a felony. After five consecutive years of being a Member in Good Standing, you become an "Equity Member".

We reserve the right to do a background check at the time of application.

We require* that all prospective Members have a sponsor, and while you are not required to appear at the meeting when you come up for a vote, we do appreciate those who show up in person. A Membership vote will not occur without a check, MO, or cash payment received either before or on the day of the vote, along with a completed application. You are not a Member until a successful vote has occurred and payment and all terms delineated on the application have been met.

The membership application process is simple. Membership applications can be acquired from the mailbox attached to the bulletin board at the Club's entrance, via email request, by telephone then US Mail or you may download and print out an application by clicking the link "Membership Application" in the left-hand column of any page on the Club's website (mrgci.com). Or you may download and print out an application from the link below:

   MRGCI Membership Application Form

Votes occur just once per month at the monthly Member's Meeting (2nd Monday of each month) as the prospective Member's names are read, then (assuming a quorum, and that all terms of the application have been met and payment has been made) put to the assembled Membership for a vote. Once voted-in, and after you complete the mandatory orientation**, you will receive a Membership card for each adult. Each card shares the same Membership number, the Member's name, and the combination to the lock on our entrance gate.

There is an annually stocked fishing pond on the Club's grounds. To fish the annually stocked pond requires a "Fish Stamp", acquired by paying an additional $10 fee for each adult who wishes to fish in the Club's pond. The "Fish Stamp" is placed on the paying adult Member's Membership Card. That money is earmarked for stocking the pond. Any youth covered under a household Membership may fish for free when accompanied by an adult Member (the adult Member does not require a fish stamp in this instance, as long as they do not fish). For those who wish to fish, the $10 fee may be paid at the time of application, or anytime thereafter.

ATTENTION: As of our October 9, 2017 Member's Meeting, our Membership wiil be at capacity. You may still apply for Membership, the applications will be queued in chronological order. The current Membership is set at a 300 Household Membership cap. Depending upon voting, the Membership Cap may well be adjusted in the coming months. In the meantime, for those who are simply looking to sight-in their rifles and pattern their shotguns for the coming hunting seasons, please communicate this to the Club, and we may make arrangements on a "guest" basis. Click here to email the Club

ATTENTION: As of April 13, 2015 a mandatory orientation** is required to attain full Membership into the Club after you are officially voted-in at our Monthly Member's Meeting. It is your responsibility to arrange an orientation before receiving your Membership Card and Gate Code. Click here to email the Chair of the Orientation Committee.

We currently have a 300 Member cap in place. When that cap is reached (this occurred on prospective applicants will be placed on a chronological "waiting" list where applicants will be notified as Memberships become available through attrition. That's until the new year starts. If current Members have not renewed by the second Monday in January, the opportunity for new applicants becomes available. And if a current Member has not renewed by the second Monday of February, they will lose their "Equity" status and risk losing their spot to an applicant on the waiting list.

* We understand that sometimes it is unreasonable to expect that someone who is new to the area has an acquaintance who is a current Club Member for sponsorship. In these cases, we expect that the prospective applicant discuss this deficit with the Club, and if a waiver is granted, the prospective Member must appear at the meeting when the vote for Membership occurs.

** On April 13th 2015 a vote was taken and the motion passed to require a mandatory orientation to become a Club Member. This only happens after the new Member has been voted into the Club at any regular Monthly Member's Meeting. This orientation is normally scheduled to take place on the Sunday morning following the Monday vote, at 9:00AM. If this is problematic, other arrangements may be made. It is up to the new Member to make these arrangemets with the Head of Orientation. As of April 2015, please contact orientation@mrgci.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What does a membership offer me?

A:   A membership entitles you to use and access to the Club, with the exceptions of private rentals, and some specific events**. We offer a sole membership called a Household Membership, and base it upon a single dwelling. A membership covers up to two adult (aged 18 years and older) persons living in the same dwelling (apartment or house). It includes any youths living in the same dwelling who are the children or legal responsibility of said adults. Either or both of these individuals can bring their children, who are 17 years old and younger, to the club and use the Club's facilities under their supervision. All persons including children in the household 18 years and older must be a paid member in order to use the rifle range, pond or archery butts. Unless use of the ranges is as a guest of their parent or legal guardian as long as guest fees are paid. All persons must be members of the Club in order to use the facilities and intended implied implements (firearms / bow & arrow / rod & reel). A Member may invite guests to the Club: refer to the "Can a Member invite a guest to the Club?" in this FAQ section below. Cost to fish the pond for members is $10 per adult member per year. Your membership card must be stamped with the fishing permit.

** Please refer to the Club's online "Events Calendar" for the last-word in scheduled events and the effects on the membership's availability for use of the ranges, practice areas, pond and pavilion. That link can be found on the Club website's homepage in the left-hand navigation column.


Q:  What if there are more adults in the dwelling?

A:  Memberships carry up to two adults per application.  If there are more than two adults who wish membership, then an additional application must be completed and membership fee sent in as well.


Q:  How much is a membership?

A:  A membership is $100 per year. Each adult Member may pay an additional $10 at any time in order to purchase a "fish stamp" for their Membership Card. This stamp allows the Member to fish in the Club's pond.


Q:  I don't have a sponsor, can I still be a member?

A:  Members who referred you will be written down as a sponsor.  The sponsor's duty is to act as a "mentor" of sorts and show the person 'the ropes'.  It sounds worse than it is, but a person signing as a sponsor is held partially accountable for any incidents or faux pas that the new member might commit during the 1-year review period which all new members are subject to.
  If you do not have a sponsor because you are new to the area, or for some other reason, then please leave the line blank, submit your application, and you will be contacted by a Club Officer.


Q:  When do memberships expire?

A:  Memberships expire on December 31st, and are not pro-rated.  All persons who let their membership expire will be considered new members if they send in membership dues after the second Monday of February the year after the membership expires, and are then subject to the 1-year review period as a new member.
  Every effort is made to get renewal notices sent out to current members, but there is no guarantee of this. The onus for timely renewal is upon the member.


Q:  Do I get a key or something to get into the club?

A:  Members receive a 4-digit combination number to the padlock on the gate, it is written on the back of their membership card. Dial the 4-digit number, open the small, latched door, retrieve the key attached to the chain, open the padlock, return the key to the enclosure, close the door, spin the combination to hide the combo, and then hang the lock on the gate. Pin or clasp the open gate to the post on the right-hand side of the entryway.
NOTE:  As of May 2014, the above process has been abbreviated temporarily. The actual lock on the gate itself is where you input the access combniation. No key is required in the process for the time being.


Q: Can a Member invite a guest to the Club?

A:   Yes, a Member may invite a guest to use the 3D Archery Course as long as the course fee is paid and the guest is accompanied by a host Member. Guests may also use the Firearms Range as long as they are accompanied by their host Member, and the guest fee has been paid. Guests cannot fish in the Club's pond. Youths aged 17 years and under, may fish in the pond for free when accompanied by an adult Member. 

  Members are responsible for their guest's behavior and actions while on Club property. 


Q:  I still have questions... how can I get them answered?

A:  You can call the club at 532-7306, or you can email the club by clicking here... which is faster.



Click here to view and print a Membership Application (.pdf file)




Household Membership Dues are $100 per year for the 2018 calendar year.

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