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Renting the Grounds for your party or function

 We do offer our grounds for rent for private parties and functions on a very limited basis.  To speak with our rental officer, please use the contact information below to check for available dates, or simply email.  The most up-to-date source for open dates on the Club's schedule can be found here: Events Calendar

 Non-Member* rental fees start at $350 per day, with $50 refundable provided you leave the grounds as you found them. That includes removing decorations, and disposing of any trash into provided receptacles. The fee may rise depending on the extent of the event planned, and the need for access prior to said event.

Generally speaking, the $50 fee is used to empty the dumpster after events. There is usually significant amounts of food associated with the trash, and that can lead to offensive smells in some cases, and bear and raccoon in others.

 The rental does NOT include use of the Kitchen (for food preparation or other), Firearms Range, Archery Range, Archery Practice Area or the Fishing Pond. Renters and their guests are welcome to roam the complete grounds, but no firearms shooting, bow shooting, or fishing is allowed. The Archery course trails can make for a pleasant stroll, plastic bottles, cans and glass containers are not allowed (excepting reusable ...i.e. canteens, thermos', etc.) on the trails. Strictly speaking, rental of the Firearms Range is possible, provided use fees and insurance fees are met and the event does not interfere with Member's use rights.

 We make every effort to reserve at least one weekend day per weekend for open use to the Membership, and refrain from having rentals on consecutive Saturdays or Sundays if at all possible. Club-based events (for Members) and special exceptions are exempt from these rules, but may require a vote of the officers or Membership for permission to occur.

 *Members who have been a "Member in Good Standing" for at least one calendar year from their date of induction** may rent the Club for $250 with $50 refundable provided the grounds are cleaned up, and the other conditions listed above are met. Otherwise, non-Member rates apply.

**the date on which the new Member was voted into the Club

Grounds Rental is handled through the Financial Committee

Financial Committee:

Name Title Contact
Mark Carbone Chair contact@mrgci.com
Steph Ethier Member  


General Area
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Rented Dates:
Rentals have been temporarily suspended. Please refer to the Events Calendar to determine open dates for rental

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